Customized Dental Aligners are made from a Clear Plastic

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When you have mild to moderate dental malocclusions, it is easy to have the problems fixed with clear plastic aligners. For Invisalign treatment in Cary, IL, you should visit a dentist or an orthodontist who will examine your teeth carefully along with collecting your medical images. If you have cavities or gingivitis, then the expert will repair these problems first before collecting molds from your mouth. Your molds and X-rays are analyzed by a computer software system to create the customized plastic aligners that are required for straightening your teeth.

How Should You Care for Your Clear Plastic Aligners?

The treatment with the aligners will last from six months to two years, and during this time, you will receive up to 30 sets of clear plastic aligners. You will wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks before switching to a new set. To have the best outcome from wearing aligners, you must keep the devices over your teeth for the majority of the day and night. It is vital to remove the aligners while you drink beverages or chew food, and you should clean your aligners with mild toothpaste or other cleaning solutions that are recommended by your dentist.

There Are Several Benefits from Wearing Aligners Instead of Braces

There are benefits from wearing plastic aligners rather than using braces to straighten your teeth, including fewer visits to the dentist’s office. You won’t need to worry about having wires that break or brackets that are loose. It is nearly impossible for someone to see your aligners, leading to less embarrassment when you are talking. To learn more about clear plastic aligners, contact our Cary IL Invisalign specialist at Cary Dental Associates LLC.