3 Procedures of General Dentistry in Keizer OR You Should Never Skip Out On

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Having the proper dental care is extremely important to your oral health and your overall physical health. When you have the necessary procedures performed by your dentist, you are saving yourself much pain and sickness. Three of the general dentistry procedures that you should never skip out on include periodic cleanings, dental fillings, and root canals.

Periodic Teeth Cleanings

With General Dentistry in Keizer OR you will have recommended to you get a periodic cleaning done at least once a year. At these cleanings, professionals remove plaque and tartar buildup, as well as clean and polish your teeth so they look better than before. Without these services and procedures, there is the chance of compromising your tooth and oral health and other issues may not be noticed or treated. In General Dentistry in Keizer OR, cleanings and exams are just as important as the more extensive procedures.

Dental Fillings When Needed

Tooth decay and damage to the surface of a tooth are some of the more common issues that individuals deal with in General Dentistry in Keizer OR. In order to fix these issues, a dentist must remove the decay, smooth out the damaged areas, and apply a dental filling that will keep the tooth from becoming damaged any further. If you do not have this procedure completed when you first notice it, you run the risk of your tooth completely rotting out. This means that you will eventually lose the whole tooth rather than simply having a filling put in to protect it.

Occasional Root Canals

When tooth decay has reached the inside of the tooth, those specialized in General Dentistry in Keizer OR will recommend a root canal. This means that the dentist will remove all of the decay as they would for a filling, but they have to go deeper into the tooth and reshape the nerve canal. Typically, the decay that leads to a root canal causes an infection that can affect your physical health as well.

Having your teeth taken care of can make all the difference in the way you feel and the smile you share with others. To have the best smile and to feel your best, taking care of your teeth is a good way to start. If you need a new dentist, check out local reviews and then go in for a consult.