A Look at Nutrition, Clear Braces, and Teeth Whitening in Elk Grove Village

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Whether you are interested in invisible braces in Elk Grove Village or teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates, eating well for oral health should be part of your dental plan. If you work from a solid nutritional menu, the benefits of the braces and whitening can be impactful and lasting.

Eating Well for Oral Health

There are certain foods you should avoid to maintain a healthy smile. To avoid cavities, reduce your sugar intake. Whenever possible, replace sugary sodas and juices with healthy alternatives. Some foods that can help your teeth and jaw are calcium-rich vegetables, such as spinach. Dairy products are also high in calcium.

Invisible Braces

While working on your internal health, you can also explore invisible braces in Elk Grove Village. These dental devices gently move your teeth. They can fill in gaps and correct bite problems. Your dental team will take 3D images of your teeth. With that template, you will get a set of clear removable braces. These will progressively move your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates can increase your confidence. Today, some dentists can brighten your smile in one day. Traditional applications take time, but researchers have developed new gels that work in about 60 minutes. For intensely stained teeth, you can get more than one treatment.

The best way to approach oral health begins with a healthy diet and regular checkups. In addition, you can improve your look with invisible braces in Elk Grove Village and teeth whitening in Hoffman Estates. For information about these procedures, visit Schumer Family Dental Care today.