Are You In Need of Root Canal Therapy in Ann Arbor MI?

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Root Canal Therapy in Ann Arbor MI is a procedure by which the inside of the tooth is cleaned out. This treatment is necessary when decay reaches the nerve. Once inside, the tooth is cleaned and any infection is removed. The dentist will then fill the tooth with a biocompatible material. Thanks to this procedure patients can avoid the extraction process, which means endodontics saves teeth in addition to ending the pain.

Advantages of Endodontics

It is the best method for saving a tooth, no doubt. Let’s see all the advantages:

* Dentists can save a tooth after tooth decay has reached the nerve.

* Microorganisms and dental infection are eliminated.

* It is performed in a single session with local anesthesia.

* It is the only definitive method capable of eliminating acute pain permanently.

* It’s the most conservative way to preserve the tooth.

* The materials used in the filling of the nerve are completely bio-compatible.

But when do you need to this type of dental surgery?

* Acute pain and that is not spontaneous to cold or heat, meaning in cases where there is constant pain.

* Color change in a tooth: sudden darkening of the dentin.

* Deep decay, which directly attack the nerves of the tooth.

* Radiographic analysis shows periapical radiolucency (performed by an endodontist).

* Fistula (purulent material otherwise known as pus).

* Endodontic pain.

The endodontist will take the following actions into consideration before a Root Canal Therapy in Ann Arbor MI:

* Local anesthesia of the affected area, lest you suffer pain during the process.

* Isolation of the tooth, to prevent infection after the operation to completion.

* Opening the area to intervene.

* Conductometry. This is one of the vital parts to carry out a good cleaning and seal root canals, as it tries to measure if the tooth will work.

* Instrumentation.

* The tooth cavity is filled with a special material that returns the teeth to a fully functional state.

* Control is necessary to check that everything went appropriately.

Endodontics is a procedure performed by a specialist in endodontics and is necessary to do so to avoid problems in the future. If you have any questions or wish to meet our specialists you can request a consultation with Washtenaw General Dentistry. Call them for more information.