How Does the Dental Hygienist in Westbury NY Protect Your Smile?

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Having a beautiful and healthy smile is important for keeping your confidence levels high. If your smile is healthy, you can avoid oral health concerns that can cause you to lose your teeth. This is why it is crucial you brush and floss your teeth each day. You also need to eat a healthy, balanced diet. By doing your part and seeing the Dental Hygienist Westbury NY twice a year, you can rest assured your smile will be healthy, strong and beautiful.

When you see the Dental Hygienist Westbury NY, he or she will work to get your teeth as clean as possible. The cleaning process is important because it removes all of the sticky plaque, tartar and biofilm that can cause decay in your teeth. This is done through the use of special dental tools.

The hygienist will first scrape the teeth to remove hardened tartar. This substance can lead to the degradation of your tooth health. Once this substance is removed, special brushes will be used to thoroughly clean the teeth. The Dental Hygienist Westbury NY will then floss your teeth.

Flossing is crucial because it removes plaque from between your teeth. This is where your teeth are often most vulnerable to developing cavities. If you are not used to flossing your teeth, it is important you ask your hygienist for direction on doing this task properly.

Once your teeth have been flossed, the hygienist will polish your teeth so they are shiny and smooth. This makes them look their very best and also allows the dentist to better view any concerns with your teeth.

The hygienist will be the first to examine your teeth and gums. He or she alerts the dentist of any potential issues so they can be further checked. Once this is finished, your teeth are protected with a special Fluoride treatment to make them stronger.

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