Seek the Dental Clinic in Toronto for Tooth Extractions

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When the health of a tooth has been compromised, it can lead to tooth death. Injuries, cavities and decay can all play roles in causing tooth death. When this occurs, the tooth needs to be extracted immediately or it will continue to rot and can cause serious infections in the oral cavity. These infections can spread to other areas, like the heart. When a tooth is no longer viable, people need to seek extraction services from the Dental Clinic Toronto.

An extraction is typically done under local anesthesia unless there are health concerns that would require general anesthesia to be used. Anesthesia prevents a person from feeling any pain during the extraction process so it can proceed safely.

Once the mouth is numb, the dentist will begin the process of removing the tooth. Incisors and canine teeth are typically the easiest types of teeth to remove. This is because there is only one root, and there is normally no problems with bone.

Molars and wisdom teeth are more problematic. These sometimes have roots that become wrapped into the jawbone. Since they are larger, they can be difficult to remove as a whole. This is especially true when the tooth is damaged. Visit website to know more about the best dental clinic in Toronto.

In these cases, the dentist will use special tools to remove the tooth in pieces. Incisions are sometimes needed for larger teeth that are intertwined with bone. These incisions allow for safer removal, so the jaw is not impacted in the process.

Healing from a tooth extraction is usually fairly quick if the dentist’s instructions are followed. It is imperative people do not drink through a straw, smoke or spit, as these actions can dislodge the forming clot and cause a dry socket to form.

With proper care, healing can take place, and the gum tissue will fully close. Through the Dental Clinic Toronto, your tooth can be safely removed, so it no longer endangers the health of your smile. For further information, contact Family & Cosmetic Dentistry In Toronto, ON. Through her dental services, your smile can be fully protected and kept looking beautiful throughout your life.