The Importance of Dental Health Care in Bethesda MD

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In a recent study, it was found around forty percent of the population did not see the dentist last year. Even when people have dental coverage, they tend to put off receiving Dental Health Care in Bethesda MD. Having the proper dental care carried out on your teeth and gums is crucial for keeping your smile healthy. This can help you to avoid conditions like gum disease and cavities, both of which can lead to tooth loss. If you have been neglecting your smile, it is time to get started on better dental health.

When you see the dentist for preventative care appointments, there are several key areas that protect your smile. The first part of your appointment involves thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Cleaning your teeth removes the sticky plaque, tartar and food particles that can lead to decay. The hygienist also flosses your teeth so the vulnerable sides are not being damaged by decay. At the end of your cleaning, you will receive a Fluoride treatment, which helps to strengthen your enamel so your teeth are protected.

After your teeth have been cleaned and treated, X-rays are taken. Most dentists take X-rays once a year. This allows any hidden dental concerns to be found before they even begin to exhibit any outward signs. If cavities are found, they can be treated quickly before any major damages occur in the teeth.

Dental Health Care in Bethesda MD also involves a full examination. The dentist will examine each tooth and check for decay or signs of damage. Your gums will also be thoroughly examined. Preventative care appointments allow dental concerns to be found early, when they are most treatable.

You should see your dentist every six months for preventative care. This can help to ensure your smile stays as healthy as possible so you can avoid the common oral health concerns that can plaque your smile.

If you have been neglecting the health of your smile and are ready to schedule an appointment, call Aspen Hill Implant and Family Dentistry PC. Through their preventative care treatments, you can avoid dental concerns and keep your smile healthy and beautiful. You can also visit their Google+ profile for more information.