The Importance of Early Dentistry Care for Children in Park Ridge

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Dentists encourage parents to bring their children in for a checkup by one year of age. Unfortunately, sometimes a parent’s best intentions are undermined by life circumstances. No matter what the reason for postponing appointments, mothers and fathers should never feel so embarrassed that they continue to delay. A practitioner of dentistry for children in Park Ridge understands that life can get in the way and provides compassionate care for all patients.

Reducing the Risk of Advanced Tooth Decay

The longer parents wait to bring children in for dental appointments; the greater is the risk of not knowing if tooth decay has developed. If left untreated, that decay spreads and can reach adjacent teeth. The problem can become severe enough that one or more teeth must be removed.

Evaluating Oral Hygiene

At each appointment, a practitioner of dentistry for children in Park Ridge determines whether the patient appears to have adequate oral hygiene to prevent cavities. Some kids are more prone than others to tooth decay, even with the recommended amount of brushing and flossing. These patients benefit from dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Decreasing Anxiety

Another advantage of twice-yearly appointments that begin early is reduced anxiety for the child. Children may have no memories of their earliest dental checkups, but they are familiar with the clinic and the process. It also helps if immediate family members have checkups and professional teeth cleaning done as recommended. Young kids then realize they don’t have to worry about dental appointments. Information about a family dental clinic can be viewed at the Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge today.