What Can You Expect From Wisdom Teeth Removel in Midlothian VA?

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Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure that is most often carried out between the ages of eighteen and thirty. Since these teeth are often problematic, many patients will opt to have them removed before they begin causing any major issues. If your dentist has decided you need Wisdom Teeth Removel in Midlothian VA, allow this information to assist you in becoming fully prepared.

Most dentists will decide to remove all four wisdom teeth at one time. This is because if one is causing problems, eventually others will. To remove all four at once requires the use of general anesthesia. This prevents the entire body from feeling any pain and allows the patient to sleep during the entire procedure.

Once the patient is completely under anesthesia, the dentist will begin the procedure. Each socket must be opened and any bone covering the tooth must be removed. Once the dentist has access to the tooth, it will be removed as a whole or in pieces, depending on the size and shape of the tooth.

If a wisdom tooth is difficult to remove, larger incisions may need to be made to ensure it is removed safely. The dentist will work to remove the tooth with as little invasion as possible. Once each tooth has been successfully removed, the gums will be stitched closed so they can heal.

After Wisdom Teeth Removel, most people are able to fully recover in a matter of a few days. You may notice some swelling, bruising and tenderness in the areas your teeth were removed. Your dentist will give you information on following a soft foods diet so your mouth will have time to properly heal.

It is important to follow all of the instructions your dentist gives. This will help to prevent complications, like a dry socket. This will also allow you to manage any pain more effectively.

They can offer you the full dental services you are in need of so you can keep a healthy and attractive smile.