Dental Medicine is Making Strides in Sleep Apnea Treatments for Charleston, SC Patients

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Sleep apnea can be treated in a multitude of ways, whether it’s by your doctor or even your dentist. Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the varieties of illness, that dentists can easily treat using dental appliances. Sleep Apnea Charleston, SC can affect a lot of people in the world, and should never be ignored regardless of the type you have. Someone suffering from sleep apnea will tend to snore very loudly at night, and may even flail their arms and legs around as they attempt to sleep. The cause of this, is the fact that their snoring has caused their lungs to stop breathing, which is quite dangerous. After about a minute or so of not breathing, a natural reflex in our body will kick in and force us to wake up to restart our breathing, which is the cause of the limb flailing. This in itself can put a strain on a relationship, as not only the snoring may keep your partner awake, but a punch to the face or kick to the stomach will certainly prevent them from sleeping.

Tests have shown conclusively that sleep apnea can be the cause of a lot of deaths that occur when a patient is sleeping, if that patient has gone un-diagnosed for sleep apnea, or has gone untreated. Heart attacks, strokes, and many other medical problems are the results of the patient’s breathing being stopped by Sleep Apnea Charleston, SC. Overweight patients are at a higher risk due to their weight putting more pressure onto their lungs, making it harder to expand and contract while breathing.

Many new advances in the medical and dental fields have made it easier for patients to deal with obstructive sleep apnea. Tatum Dentistry specialists have begun treating their sleep apnea patients with newly designed dental appliances that lock your jaw in place during sleep, keeping you from having any obstructions and preventing snoring. Finding a dentist that specializes in this treatment is quite easy, and very beneficial if you’re suffering from sleep apnea.

The process of getting fitted for the appliance is easy. It involves the dentist making molds of the patient’s mouth and teeth, and creating the appliance to fit them specifically. The appliance is said by patients to be a lot more reliable than the typical CPAP devices commonly used by doctors to treat sleep apnea in their patients.