3 Things that Happen during a Dental Exam

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When you visit your dentist for your bi-annual appointment, he, with the help of his hygienist, will go through a series of steps. All steps are meant to thoroughly assess the health of your mouth and teeth. The dental professionals at Family Dental Yorktown Ny, for example, want to ensure that you are not experiencing pain. They also want to ensure that potentially expensive dental issues are prevented.

Here are three things that will happen during your dental exam.


During your dental exam, your dentist will assess the health of mouth by completing a visual exam. To see what is going on underneath the surface, several X-rays will be taken. Technology has improved the dental field so much that the images of your teeth are ready in minutes. If cavities, potential need for a root canal or something more severe is starting to form, it can be spotted and treated in a timely manner.

Oral Cancer Screening

Dental professionals are now being asked to screen their patients for oral cancer. Sometimes, health professionals can spot signs of cancer through a visual exam. Therefore, your dentist will inspect your face, neck and lips. Then, he will assess your throat, cheek tissue and gums. You will be asked to turn from one side to another while your dentist gets better glimpses in and around your mouth.


As your dentist wraps up your dental appointment, he will polish your teeth and give you recommendations based on the current status of your mouth and teeth. When you leave his office, you are expected to brush twice a day as well as floss. Dental aids like an electric toothbrush and water flosser may be recommended, too.

The dental professionals at Family Dental Yorktown Ny Northeast Dental, PLLC are ready to examine your teeth.