Increase Your Knowledge of Dental Implants in Effingham IL

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The health of a person’s smile is crucial for keeping their natural teeth intact and performing as they should. Regrettably, there are oral health concerns that can arise and cause a person to lose their teeth. Some people also lose teeth through injuries. When teeth are missing in a person’s smile, it affects their life in more ways than most people realize. The effects can be especially far reaching if the missing teeth are in the front of a person’s smile. Fortunately, dentists across the country now have methods of helping people restore their smile through Dental Implants Effingham IL.

A dental implant is a two-part dental appliance that is permanently placed inside a person’s gum tissue and jawbone. The supporting structure of the implant is the titanium base, called an anchor. This screw-like device is screwed down in the jawbone and left in place for three to six months before the next phase of the process is begun.

This length of time is required because the anchor needs time to bond with the bone tissue so the two can become one. Titanium is a metal that has the ability to bond with bone. To further encourage this process, the manufacturers of the titanium anchors roughen the posts so the bone cells can begin to attach and grow around it. Once bonding is fully complete, the patient can be brought in for the final step in receiving Dental Implants Effingham IL.

The second part of the dental implant is the tooth part. This is the crown of the implant and is the only part that will show. The crown is placed over the titanium anchor, and the two become one piece. Implants are meant to last a lifetime and look and perform like natural teeth. They can restore a person’s smile so they feel more confident and can restore their ability to enjoy a wide array of foods.

People who are dealing with missing teeth need to be aware there is a solution that can help. Contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. and ask them to schedule a consultation appointment to learn more. Through implants, a beautiful smile awaits.