The Orthodontist in Palm Coast Can Give You the Smile You Desire

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Having crooked teeth can be an embarrassing problem. If you are one of the many people that feels self-conscious of their crooked teeth when talking or smiling, you might want to consider visiting an orthodontist to see if they can correct the problem and give you back your self-esteem and confident smile.

Orthodontists are a special type of dentist that that use various types of devices to realign and straighten teeth. The most common type of treatment involves the use of braces. Braces are often placed on the teeth while the patient is of pre-teen or teenage years, but many adults can benefit from the treatment as well.

One of the many advancements in the technology of orthodontia is a treatment that straightens the teeth, but without the permanent hardware affixed to the teeth as there is with braces. Using a system of clear plastic trays that gradually realign teeth, the patient can get the results they want, but with a nearly invisible trays, there is no reason to feel self-conscious while wearing them.

Getting your teeth realigned and having the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of is a good reason to visit the Best Orthodontist In Palm Coast, but there are benefits to having straight teeth that you might not have been aware of. Having misaligned teeth can make them much more difficult to keep clean, which can cause problems with decay and tooth loss down the line.

In addition to general hygiene, speech impediments, trouble chewing food properly, and even sleep apnea are some of the problems that having crooked teeth can cause. So while you may be feeling guilty about putting so much time and money into what you thought was strictly cosmetic, remember that you are helping your oral and overall health by correcting the issue as well.

So if you’re ready to do something to improve your confidence and give yourself the gift of being able to look people in the eye, knowing you have a gorgeous smile, contact Cypress Point Family Dentistry the Orthodontist In Palm Coast and make an appointment for a consultation and get started today.