When Emergency Dental Care is Needed: Orthodontists in Toronto

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The mouth is the welcome mat to the teeth, tracking in many challenges and taking a lot of abuse such as physical trauma, bacteria, viruses, fungi, neglect and infectious diseases, many aiding in periodontal disease, tooth damage or loss. While illness takes its toll, injuries compromise the structure, balance and strength of the teeth, influencing the foundation of the pearly whites. Athletes and the sports enthusiast put their face and head in a position particularly vulnerable to sports injuries, motor vehicle crashes, violence, and abuse requiring the services of Henry Advanced Orthodontics for Emergency Dental Care Toronto.

Cavities tend to raise a red flag that sends patients rushing to the dentist, and yet, dentists will tell you their biggest concern is the structure of a patient’s mouth. Saving a tooth after a break, fracture, or sudden blow loosening the tooth is an emergency needing immediate attention. Any time tooth loss happens, a gap remains if not saved by a replacement crown or by partial. The void creates a vulnerable break in the mouth’s foundation. Like a homebuilder, dentists needs a good foundation to maintain healthy, strong teeth for a lifetime.

Orthodontists in St Augustine provide teeth with the best placement when otherwise compromised by conditions threatening their structural foundation and stability. The health and stability of the jawbones are compromised when gaps remain, creating weakness. This empty space causes teeth to slant inward, compromising the strength and durability of the teeth altogether. Cavities can be fixed repeatedly, but bone cannot be lifted once sunken, nor can teeth be made to stand up once more unless all done by costly surgeries.

The best defense to maintain a healthy mouth filled with strong teeth is to insure proper alignment of the teeth. Orthodontists in St Augustine pride themselves on braces and long-term care, realigning the teeth for an optimal and sound foundation. When the teeth are straight, the likelihood of maintaining those teeth for a lifetime is greatest. The time and money required to address the immediate dental needs, gaps, over bites, misaligned bite, and tooth crowding far outweighs the price to be paid if one opts to neglect their teeth until it is too late. Doing so could leave the patient facing costly surgeries, or worse yet, tooth loss and partials