What Can You Expect From Dentures in Kona?

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Dentures replace a few teeth or a full set, depending on the needs of the patient. Dentures can be removable or semi-permanent with dental implant bases. I am knowing what to expect when getting dentures will help individuals to be fully prepared so they are not, so nervous. With Dentures in Kona, individuals can overcome the issues revolving around missing teeth so they can regain their confidence and function.

What to Expect

The first appointment is the consultation appointment for Dentures in Kona. During this appointment, the patient is carefully examined, and X-rays are taken to determine if the individual is a good candidate for dentures. If any teeth remain in the mouth, these will likely be pulled, unless the patient is getting a partial denture.

Once the remaining teeth are pulled, the individual will have impressions made of their upper and lower gum plate. These are important for ensuring the pair of dentures is made to exacting specifications so they will fit precisely. The dental lab will make the dentures for the patient, and many offices allow patients to play a role in deciding the final look of their dentures.

How to Grow Accustomed to Wearing Dentures

Growing accustomed to wearing dentures takes a little time. In the beginning, people may find wearing dentures to be uncomfortable. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience excessive drooling or difficulty speaking, but this passes quickly.

Most dentists recommend patients wear their dentures as much as possible at first. Taking them out frequently will not help the gums to adjust to the pressure of the dentures. Taking over-the-counter pain medications can help ease the discomfort in the beginning. Gum numbing gels can also be used.

Getting Dentures Transforms Lives

Wearing dentures can completely transform your life, allowing you to feel confident and regain your ability to chew and speak. With dentures in place, you can eat a wide array of foods and enjoy eating again.

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