What In-Office Teeth Whitening Is Like

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Teeth Whitening in Jacksonville can help you look your best and feel proud of your smile once again. It is far more effective than at-home treatments purchased over-the-counter are, and it is usually far safer and more comfortable as well. You will also love how quickly it works. If you have never had an in-office whitening treatment, you may be wondering how it compares to what you are used to at home. Here is exactly what you can expect.

When you first come in, we will assess your teeth to ensure that they are healthy enough for a whitening treatment and to determine what shade your teeth currently are. We will next make sure that your teeth are generally clean and will do a quick polish of them with a pumice much as is done at the end of your regular teeth cleaning appointments. Once your teeth are clean, we will protect the other parts of your mouth with retractors and with a visible barrier placed along your gum line because the whitening solution can be quite harsh to the soft tissues of your mouth. Your teeth will be kept dry with gauze.

Whitening solution is used only on the fronts of the teeth and is cured with a special light. Your whitening treatment will last from 30 to 60 minutes. After your Teeth Whitening in Jacksonville, you should notice that your teeth are several shades whiter than they once were. However, you may still need to plan on future appointments to keep your teeth white or to continue the process. When you are looking for trustworthy dental professionals for your in-office whitening treatments, consider Jax Beaches Family Dentistry at . We offer both general and cosmetic dental treatments as well as emergency care.