What To Discuss With Dental Practice Brokers In Arizona

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In Arizona, dental practices are a viable investment for dental professionals who want to expand. The professionals have the option to purchase the practice alone or with partners. The transaction requires the seller to make choices about how to sell their practice. Reviewing topics to discuss with dental practice brokers in Arizona helps sellers to finalize their decisions.

Features of the Dental Practice

The features of the dental practice are itemized in the information that appears on the Multiple Listing Service. The details include the total square footage of the property, the number of examination rooms, and the types of HVAC services available. The location of the office and its service area are included in the details.

The Projected Listing Price

The projected listing price is based on the price similar practices have sold for in the area. However, if the seller has an outstanding mortgage balance, the cost is included in the listing price typically. Adjustments in price are made if the buyer negotiates an offer with the seller and the seller accepts.

Equipment Included in the Sale

All equipment and machinery that are included in the sale appear in the notes of the listing. The details are often attractive to buyers and investors who don’t want to start a practice from scratch. Existing equipment saves the buyer money and lowers the initial startup costs for the dental practice. The seller must provide explicit details about the equipment in the listing.

The Patient Roster

The patient roster is included in a practice sale if the owner is retiring. There is a transition period where the existing owner works closely with the new owner. The transition period encourages the patients to use the services of the new dentist, and it helps the new dentist become familiar with the existing patients.

In Arizona, dental practices are placed on the market when an owner retires or wants to move to a new location. The transaction starts with a property listing that explains the features included in the sale. The brokers help the owner arrive at a fair market price. Practice owners who want to meet with dental practice brokers in Arizona contact website right now.