What to Expect from Root Canal Therapy in Calgary

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Being told you need a root canal is easily one of the scariest things a person can experience when visiting a dentist. Automatically your mind thinks of worst case scenarios and of the pain you’re likely to encounter. Luckily, your mind likes to exaggerate. Root canal treatment in Calgary isn’t the monster people have long thought it to be. On the contrary. This treatment is one of the easiest ways to prevent future extractions and rid yourself of unwanted tooth pain. Below, you can find what you should expect from root canal therapy in hopes of getting you prepared before your appointment.

The Signs

Before discussing the procedure, it’s important to know the signs that may show you root canal treatment in Calgary is your best option. Of course, one of the first signs that there is an issue is the toothache. Many describe this pain as throbbing and constant. Sores and bumps on the gums, as well as swollen or tender gums, are also indicators of issues with your teeth. Discolored or blackened teeth is another sign a root canal is needed. This shows the issue has progressed and must be treated immediately.

The Process

When you step into a dental office to receive root canal treatment in Calgary, the first thing you’ll find is that you need to have the area around your tooth numbed. This is done to ensure you aren’t in pain during the procedure. In fact, all you will feel is a slight bit of pressure while the root canal is completed. After being numbed, your dentist will create a hole in your tooth. This hole will act as the access point while the dentist removes infected or damaged pulp from inside the canal of your tooth. Once this is finished, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before a filling and crown are put into place for protection.

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