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Emergency Dental Care

A person can have a dental emergency at any time. If you are at work or school, it is important to be able to access an emergency dentist in South Loop Chicago to take care of the problem. We offer same day appointments so that you do not have to wait for treatment. Our dentists specialize in emergency dental care. Whether you have experienced a sudden injury to your teeth or gums or you woke up with a severe pain in your mouth, we are here to help.

Our emergency dentist handles all types of dental problems. If your crown, bridge or filling fell out, we offer temporary restorations while a permanent one is made for you. We can also put new dental cement onto your restoration and get it back in its correct position. If you woke up with severe pain in your mouth, we perform an exam in order to locate the problem. We treat abscesses, tooth decay, chips and cracks in teeth.

We can also help you with other types of problems. If you bit into some food and chipped or cracked your tooth, we offer emergency root canal treatment and fillings. Our dentist can also provide you with treatment for a soft tissue injury in your mouth. We also assist with acute injuries to the tooth. If you fell and hit your mouth, we can take a look and repair any damage. We also handle tooth emergencies related to sports injuries and other causes of injury.

When you need an emergency dentist in South Loop Chicago, contact us at South Loop Dental Specialists. We offer a full spectrum of emergency dental care services for patients of all ages. You may also visit us online at EndoPerioSurg.com in order to learn more about our services, location and staff.

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