Details About Dental Care In Indianapolis, IN

In Indiana, dental professionals provide comprehensive care for all their patients. The services may include examinations, cleanings, and necessary repairs. The dentists provide fast services to prevent tooth loss and gum disease. A local dental professional provides dental care in Indianapolis IN for all regional patients.

Complete Dental Examinations

The dental professionals complete comprehensive examinations for all patients. The examinations enable the dental professional to discover damage or adverse conditions at earlier stages. For some patients, the examination could lead to the discovery of oral cancer at a treatable stage.

Dental Cleaning Services

Dental cleaning services are provided by the dental hygienist and uncover any underlying issues. The hygienist cleans all plaque, tartar, and debris from the teeth and gums. Any issues discovered by the hygienist are reported to the dental professional. Scaling and planing is a more complex form of dental cleaning that is provided for patients with existing periodontal disease.

Corrective Services for Dental Damage

The dental professionals provide corrective services to repair dental damage. The dentists perform reconstructive services for patients with severe tooth damage. The services involve the application of a composite resin onto the tooth enamel. The dental professionals apply the resin and use an ultraviolet light to cure it and strengthen it. Crowns and veneers are also used to protect the tooth after repairs are performed by the dental professional.

Extractions for Severely Damaged Teeth

Some tooth extractions require surgery such as wisdom teeth removals. However, most extractions are performed by a general dentist who can remove the tooth at their office. The process requires the dentist to apply a numbing agent and inject novocaine to prevent pain and discomfort. The removal of certain teeth may require a prescription for antibiotics and painkillers.

In Indiana, dental professionals offer comprehensive care for their patients and lower common risks for patients. Tooth damage can lead to tooth loss if the damage isn’t repaired quickly. Gum disease is also a serious risk for patients that can lead to the total loss of all teeth. Patients who want to schedule an appointment for dental care in Indianapolis IN can browse our website for more details right now.