pediatric dental cleanings in Chino Hills

The Importance of Early Pediatric Dental Cleanings and Exams

Pediatric dentists encourage parents to bring children for their first appointment by one year of age. Children’s first pediatric dental cleanings in Chino Hills should be done by age three. Many mothers and fathers wait until the youngster is closer to elementary school age, but there are distinct advantages to an earlier appointment.

Feeling Comfortable About the Visits

When dental appointments begin at the toddler age, the child becomes accustomed to the visits. Regular exams and pediatric dental cleanings in Chino Hills result in the youngster feeling comfortable about the clinic and practitioners. If a cavity ever must be filled, there’s no fear because the child trusts the dentist.

Evaluating Oral Hygiene

The dentist also can determine early on whether better oral hygiene is required because a cavity or two has developed. By a certain age, the child can understand the importance of more vigilant oral hygiene. Daily flossing and twice-daily brushing are essential activities for preventing tooth decay.

Dental Sealant Placement

Some children are more prone to cavities than others, even with proper oral hygiene. They benefit from the placement of dental sealants on the back teeth, where grooves might hold food particles and make routine cleaning more difficult.

Important Considerations

It’s crucial to treat the primary teeth as carefully as one would the adult teeth. Decay and other issues can result in problems with the adult teeth. Primary teeth problems also can cause pain, especially as decay spreads.

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