tooth decay

Prevention and Treatment of Tooth Decay at the Family Dentist in Palos Heights

A common problem with patients in the Palos Heights area is tooth decay. A cavity in a tooth can eventually result in the loss of the tooth if treatment is not sought. That is why the Family Dentist in Palos Heights spends a lot of time on preventing and treating tooth decay. With prevention efforts, it is often possible to avoid tooth decay. When tooth decay is unavoidable, early treatment is a lot simpler and cheaper. Early treatment will result in less pain as well. That is why the family dentist spends so much time and effort on tooth decay.

Ideally, the Family Dentist in Palos Heights will be able to prevent tooth decay from occurring in most patients. There is a reason why patients are advised to get a cleaning at least twice per year. The cleanings are important in preventing too much bacteria and plaque from forming in the mouth. Although proper brushing and flossing will help in reducing the amount of plaque in the teeth, it is impossible for patients to remove it all on their own. That is why professional cleanings at the dentist are necessary. Those who are prone to having bacteria and plaque form quickly should get cleanings as frequently as every three or four months. Before or after the cleaning, the dentist can examine the patient’s teeth to make sure there is no tooth decay. If tooth decay is detected, it will probably be in the early stages when it is less painful and less expensive to treat. The dental examinations should occur once every six months or so.

If treatment is needed for tooth decay, there are lots of options available. If the tooth decay resulted in a cavity, it can be covered with a filling. Fillings usually do not involve much pain. Today’s dentists are quite good at minimizing the pain from the anesthetic shot. If the tooth decay is more severe, there are other options available such as getting a crown or root canal. Patients who want to learn more about the various options to treat tooth decay and other dental problems should go to Petreikis L D DDS for more details.