September 2019

Three Important Qualities You Want in Your Child’s Next Pediatric Dentist

Just as you want the best possible dental care for yourself, it makes sense that you want a children’s dentist in Niagara Falls, ON, who does everything possible to support your child’s dental well-being. As you look for the right pediatric dentist, make sure the dental professional possesses these three qualities. If so, that dentist could be the one who cares for your child from the preschool years all the way to adulthood.

Communicates Well with Children

Not everyone is capable of establishing rapport and communicating with kids. You want the dentist to be able to talk with the children and understand where they are coming from. It’s also important that your child feels comfortable asking the dentist questions and is willing to put the answers to good use.

Understands the Fears Kids Have About Dentists

Most children have some fears about seeing a dentist. Those fears may stem from something they hear from friends, a remark made at home, or maybe something they saw on television. Whatever the origin, you need a children’s dentist in Niagara Falls, ON, who is willing to acknowledge the fear and take the steps necessary to defuse it. As your child begins to trust the dentist and realizes that dental appointments aren’t so bad after all, those fears will go away.

Patient But Firm with the Children

Even the most well-behaved children can act up from time to time. That’s where your children’s dentist in Niagara Falls, ON, will need to exercise patience. Even while being patient and helping the child work through whatever is happening, the dentist must remain firm and in control of the situation. Since not everyone can manage this type of balance, finding a dentist who can means you don’t want to let that professional slip through your fingers.

Remember that your choice of a pediatric dentist will have a significant impact on your child. From learning good oral hygiene to having dental work done when it’s needed, you help your child establish sound habits that will serve him or her well for many years to come.